Steren Project

About this project…

This project supports up to 70 children and young people and their family members a year. This project is funded by a range of funder’s including Big Lottery and West Cornwall Youth Trust.

The Steren project aims to enable children, young people and their family members to increase their self-worth, their self-confidence and develop the other skills needed to function successfully in mainstream society and play a full part in their community.

The project delivers a range of workshops, drop ins, support sessions and access to mainstream activities. There is a big emphasis on supporting young people into volunteering and training, enabling young people to broaden their horizons and to support people into employment as part of enabling people to play a part in their community.

Activities can include camping, residential trips, advice, practical support, work training and educational support. This is the project that provides the majority of support to young people in crisis – such as those: who become homeless, who are experiencing severe alcohol and drug misuse issues (either directly or indirectly), and children who are experiencing domestic abuse or witnessing it.