Trelya has excellent staff, high standards and an undoubted ability to engage with very disadvantaged young people and make a discernible difference to their lives and aspirations”

National Youth Agency

What we do at Trelya

Trelya is the Cornish word for change. We support children and young people from severely disadvantaged areas in West Cornwall since 2001. With an outstanding track record of engaging the hardest to reach children and young people, we can help to turn their lives around.

Trelya connects with children and young people through existing relationships in the community and through extensive detached youth work. We start by building relationships with children and young people on their territory, where they feel most comfortable.

Trelya also takes referrals from social care, schools, education welfare officers, youth justice and family services.

We motivate children and young people into a programme of positive activities where they can build confidence and self-esteem. This is the first step to achieving in education and employment. We also address issues such as drug and alcohol misuse and anti-social behaviour.

Trelya means different things to different children and young people. For some, it is the only safe, warm place in which they feel at ease. For others it is a chance to enjoy exciting activities otherwise unavailable to them, like a trip to the beach or guitar lessons.

At Trelya, we want every child to be able to look back and say “people were there for me when I needed them”, and “I had a lot of fun”.

Opening hours

We are open six days a week, from 10am to 10pm.


We offer a regular weekly programme that young people can rely on.


We give young people holistic support on all issues they might face - substance misuse, homelessness, debt & sexual health.

Open Arms

We never turn a young person in need away.